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Saltwater Fish and Supplies

Keeping a saltwater aquarium is a great way to have a bit of the ocean in your home. It’s like watching a relaxing TV show but better! These days they are making it easier to start a saltwater aquarium and watch it thrive without much effort. Marine aquariums offer many advantages to those that keep and maintain them. Some include the satisfaction of creating their own ocean ecosystem in the confinement of a glass enclosure. Another is personalizing your aquarium with your own design. There are so many styles and items to pick from that the choices are endless.
The saltwater aquarium brings us face to face with nature’s most beautiful fish, undersea corals and life forms. A sparkling saltwater aquarium can be a dynamic presence in a home, office or school classroom. It’s not only educational, but may even become a lifelong passion for the person who creates it. Setting one up can be an exciting venture. With the basic information the preparation and planning should not be confusing or intimidating.

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We set up new tanks at your home and/or business.19218763464_7057ff82f7_o
We carry saltwater fish and supplies.
We have live rock.
We sell saltwater plants.
We carry invertabrates.
We stock live coral.
We carry live sand.
We can easily order what we don’t have in stock.
We can place custom orders.
You need your tank cleaned or serviced? We do maintenance on saltwater tanks.

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