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Cat Boarding Traverse City

Cat Boarding Traverse City

Cat Boarding Traverse City

If you’re the owner of a cat looking for cat boarding in Traverse City you’ll know the difference required for a positive cat boarding experience than that of other animals. While dogs may be ready to play and run, cats are often more suited in a more peaceful environment.

It’s these little details that Diana’s Personal Touch gets right and makes us your choice for cat boarding in Traverse City.

Experienced Cat Boarding Near Me

Doing a quick search for “cat boarding near me” will provide a long list of results, but how can you know who to choose? At Diana’s Personal Touch we’re confident that our knowledgeable and experienced staff will help make your choice easy.

We ensure that our staff is credentialed and trained to help you and your cats feel safe and comfortable when you’re away from each other. We have been around lots of dogs, cats, and other animals for over 28 years. Our experience has given us the knowledge for treating all pets with respect by paying attention to their specific needs.

Pet Boarding Traverse City

This may be your first time for pet boarding in Traverse City. You might be unsure how the process works. Our enclosures are raised four feet off the floor so felines are up high where they like to be. They have their own separate room that is away from all the daily hustle and bustle. Each enclosure has a fresh litter box that we clean often, along with fresh water and the food of their liking. We also supply their own high tower condo in each enclosure for their sleeping comfort. They are monitored regularly and petted as often as they like.

We agree cats need as much attention as everyone else and we make that happen here at Diana’s. We work hard to make your cat boarding in Traverse City as comfortable as possible.

Your Choice for Cat Boarding in Traverse City

We are a knowledgeable and experienced cat boarding team, but we offer so much more. If you’ve got other pets we offer boarding not only for cats, but dogs as well. We take care of animals with special needs and make sure our facilities are up to date, safe, and clean. Your pets are like family and we treat them with care, respect and love. We love animals and want you and your pets to feel comfortable until you meet again!

If you have any questions about cat boarding in Traverse City or would like to inquire about other services, give us a call!

Your Pets Are In Good Hands With Diana's Personal Touch!

We're here for your furry friends!

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