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Dog Boarding Traverse CityDog Boarding Traverse City

Dianas Personal Touch offers dog boarding services in Traverse City, Michigan. Dog boarding is a service for dog owners that would like to drop of their dog where it will be fed, walked and cared for by a knowledgeable dog boarding staff. Dog boarding is for the pet owner who would like to travel, but wants to make sure that professionals are in place to take care of their furry family member while they are away.

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Diana’s Personal Touch offers special care to dogs that require dog boarding services. Every pet is treated as a furry family member, and the dog boarding facility includes large outdoor areas to romp and stretch their legs and release that boundless energy. Remember to bring your pet’s own food with their name marked on it and how you would like them fed. This helps your loved one feel more comfortable with food they are accustomed to, We supply stainless steel bowls and bedding for your pet. Water is always provided along with treats during the day. We take feeding your pet very seriously. Let us know of any allergies your pet may have when you drop them off at Diana’s dog boarding facility in Traverse City, Michigan. Your pet  is rotated outside all day long to enjoy the outdoors.  Diana’s really cares!

A home away from home

When you want to take a vacation, unwind, and take a break from the stresses of life you need to get away. But what if you have a dog? That’s where the dog boarding services of Dianas Personal Touch comes in. Traverse City Dog Boarding Services and recommendations:

  • Trust your senses (as well as your common sense) when visiting a kennel as a possible “vacation” spot for your dog.
  • Make sure that the whole kennel, outdoor and indoor runs included, is clean and orderly.
  • Make sure the temperature is adequate, not too warm and not too cold.
  • Ask to see the outdoor running area. It should be close to spotless and made of gravel or concrete.
  • Ask how frequently the areas are cleaned.
  • All responsible kennel owners and operators will ask you about your dog’s vaccinations and will require proof of certain shots.
  • All responsible kennel owners and operators will show you each area in which the dogs are kept.
  • The outdoor runs – and the whole kennel should be very secure. Many dogs will attempt to break out, so talk to the kennel owners about this if you’re worried.

If you need Traverse City Dog Boarding services, look no further.  Bring your furry family member and their favorite toys into Dianas Personal Touch today!

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Diana’s has entered the world of socialized Doggy Day Care! We welcome you to bring your pet to come join in the fun of meeting new friends. Socialization is so important for our pets. It makes them well rounded and able to get along with others better. It is a benefit for you and your pet. Your pet will learn how to get along with others without having bad behavior. Your canine will then be able to go to dog parks and have fun with everyone else without being frightened. This is very healthy and beneficial for everyone involved. We have a play all day atmosphere and we provide five large outside runs for your pup to exercise. Your best friend can play by themselves or with others vacationers their size. Our professional help will ensure that your dog receives the attention and exercise they need.

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