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Dog Grooming Traverse City

Dog Grooming Traverse City

Dog Grooming Traverse City

It’s really true that our pets are like family, so when you’re looking for dog grooming in Traverse City you want someone you can trust will take special care of your dog. At Diana’s Personal Touch in Traverse City, MI we have been taking care of furry friends like yours for over 28 years. We have the knowledge, experience and care so you know your pets are in good hands.


One of the first things you want to know when you search Google for “dog groomers near me” is do the groomers have an understanding of my dog? When looking for Traverse City dog grooming services you want someone with extensive knowledge. The staff at Diana’s Personal Touch have interacted with dogs, cats, and other animals of all kinds for years. As certified groomers, you can trust that we know what to look for when grooming your dog the right way. Some medical conditions can be difficult to spot, but when you drop your dog off at Diana’s Personal Touch you can rest assured that your pet is being treated by a verifiably knowledgeable staff.


Very few places offering dog grooming in Traverse City have the years of experience Diana’s Personal Touch has when it comes to pets. Since 1981 our team at Diana’s Personal Touch have been grooming, boarding, and offering other services to animals of all kinds.

Over the years we have seen hundreds of pets with unique personalities and different needs. This diversity of pets and their owners allows each team member to know just how to handle your pet with care and compassion. It really is like a day spa for your furry friend!


Dog grooming in Traverse City is more than just about knowledge and experience though. At the end of the day you want to know that your puppy or dog are being cared for. Diana’s Personal Touch is a family run business run on love and dedication to our furry customers. The safety and well-being of your pet is our primary concern.

We care about your pets because we love pets too. We make sure our facilities are always up to date with the latest safety and security equipment and that your pets are in a clean and well ventilated environment.

Your Choice for Dog Grooming in Traverse City

With knowledge, experience and care we wholeheartedly love the work we do taking care of your furry friends. Not only do we offer dog grooming in Traverse city, but we provide daycare and dog boarding in Traverse City as well.

If you’re in the area and are looking for a place where you know your dog is being treated kindly in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable staff, give us a call or stop by to visit. We’d love to meet your dogs and give them Diana’s Personal Touch!

Your Pets Are In Good Hands With Diana's Personal Touch!

We're here for your furry friends!

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