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Dog Grooming services are provided by Dianas Personal Touch.  Dog Grooming is an essential part of your dog’s care.  Regular grooming is an activity that helps keep your dog healthy and comfortable.  Dianas Personal Touch has trustworthy professionals that will recommend the right grooming services to meet your dogs specific needs and ensure your pet looks great.

Have you watched your dog roll around on the ground in the mud, lick their fur, or bite at matts in their fur? Those are ways that dogs keep their fur clean. Dogs have the ability to groom themselves, but not as well as trained professionals. At Dianas Personal Touch, dog grooming can be a fun experience that leaves your dog feeling refreshed and happy with their new shiny well groomed coat.

Dianas Personal Touch is a respected Dog Grooming establishment in Traverse City, Michigan. We can provide full range services for your furry family member.

To get a ballpark price on the grooming for your specific pet give Diana’s a call and talk with our trained professionals.

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