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When you travel you have enough to worry about.  With Diana’s you can take the worry down a notch and relax knowing your pet is safe happy and well cared for.  We know your pets are part of your family and we make them part of ours while they are here one day or a whole vacation.  Our goal is to provide you and your pet a piece of mind without draining your pocket book and travel funds.

We are very flexible, compassionate and competent to care for your pet while you are away.  We live on the premises and have a business phone in our home for emergency needs.  Our professionally trained staff loves animals and we strive every day to provide your best friend the ultimate experience during their stay.

We pride ourselves on our facilities cleanliness and cheery atmosphere and hope you will be as excited about it as we are

Since 1981 we have been breeding and raising several breeds of dogs.  After some years past my family decided that we loved our pets so much that we should open a boarding kennel to spread the love we had for are pets to those that needed to be boarded while their family is away.  We first started small and quickly ran out of room. Quickly we added on and made it possible to accommodate more pets.  We have so much fun seeing the different breeds come in and their different behaviors.  They always have us on our toes.  The parents to these wonderful pets end up becoming our friends.  We have been introduced to so many wonderful people over the years from owning this heartfelt business.   Diana’s is a family run business run on love and dedication to our furry customers.  The safety and wellbeing of your pet is our primary concern.

Does your dog have special needs?   We have it covered.  Just give us specific instructions .

We are licensed and insured. Climate controlled, Air conditioned, and State of the art fire and security systems. Our facility is spotlessly clean and well ventiliated.

Diana’s also participates in fostering pets from the dog rescue agency here in Traverse City.  Some Humane Societies have so many abandoned pets they run out of space and have to euthanize these pets.  The agency takes these pets and fosters them out to families to try and give them that second chance.  It is quite humbling to be a part of such a thoughtful and kind organization.  Pets only have you their owner to take care of them.  Without you they cannot survive.  Be kind to our furry friends and don’t give up on them because they do not give up on you.  They give unconditional love.  They deserve it back in return.


All of our boarding friends receive spacious individual runs, including a raised comfortable cot with a warm blanket to cuddle in if they like. They have fresh water at all times. They all get a night time treat to settle them in for a restful night. To ensure the safety of your pet the current paperwork for rabies, distemper and bordatella  are a must.

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