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Traverse City Cat Grooming services and other services are provided at Diana’s Personal Touch. According to the ASPCA cats are extremely fastidious when it comes to their cleanliness. Professional Cat Grooming services can help you maintain your cat’s health and save you time, money, and energy. Grooming sessions at Diana’s Personal Touch are both fun and relaxing. Brushing and coming keep your cat’s hear in good condition by removing unwanted dirt and spreading the natural oils that help keep the fur clean and comfortable for your feline friend.

Bathing is also an essential part of the cat grooming process, as it keeps your cat’s coat from becoming greasy and oily.

Nail clipping cats is also a part of a natural and healthy cat grooming regimen. Most felines are not happy about getting their nails trimmed because it’s not done right. By touching the leg, and the individual toes, you can help the cat get used to the feeling of the claw manipulation as you prepare to clip the nails. Diana’s Personal Touch is extremely proficient at cat claw trimming as part of a full cat grooming experience.

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